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Partner Investment Program  

Intelisys is pleased to offer you a unique, unparalleled approach to help you achieve success and continued growth.

The Partner Investment Program offers favorable terms for working capital to qualified partners, but more importantly, it promotes a truly strategic partnership allowing our Sales Partners to tap into the experience and best  practices that have built the largest and most successful Master Agency in the Channel.

The program offers a streamlined application process and is available to all qualified Intelisys contracted Sales Partners. Financing is secured by existing or future commissions and loan repayment is triggered by growth milestones designed to be flexible and favorable. The program does not require exclusivity to Intelisys.  

Program benefits include:  

New Sales Partners: Reach $25K in new monthly billings and become eligible to receive a $25K term loan to help you grow.  

Current Partners: If your monthly billing is already at $25K or more, you may already qualify.  

Club TPC Members: Not only may you already qualify, but consult your Channel Manager for additional Club TPC Member benefits.


Still unsure if the Program is right for you?  See what current Sales Partners have to say:

Marc Agar “There are literally hundreds of Master Agents to choose from - they all say they want your business - what I am interested in is someone who wants to help grow my business and partner with me to make it happen. Intelisys is not just another Master Agent - Intelisys is a Master Agent that will put their money where you need it most, your business.  Now that's a partnership that I want! By taking advantage of the Partner Investment Program we  accelerated the hiring of a VP of Operations, which helped alleviate the administrative work of our sales staff; this in turn accelerated our sales - a win-win.” 
- Marc Agar, CA Communications
Jeff Sumner “Working with someone who you know and trust certainly eased the stress of the unknown.  There were no surprises or loopholes and the process of doing business with Intelisys was straight forward and easier than expected.  The fact that we are working with a company that truly understands what we do only strengthens our relationship and allows us to get started on the growth of our business right away. Our main goal was to get all of our marketing ducks in a row by having access to a number of marketing programs, processes, and surveys that would bring our business to the next level.  Not only did the Partner Investment  Program allow us access to those much needed marketing tools but it also assisted us with salaries and developing sales tools.  We are  confident this will significantly grow our business.”
- Jeff Sumner, Corporate Technologies Group

How to Apply

Contact your Channel Manager or call us at 800-615-8330.

Dave Glendenning
“Intelisys has created a responsive, customer-sensitive, professional culture. I’ve worked with them for 16 years now. It only makes sense to put my business with people who know what they’re doing and who I can trust to be there. Intelisys is a sustainable top-flight Master Agency. Why would I risk it with any other company?”
Dave Glendenning,
Intelisys Sales Partner Since 1995
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