“The breadth of programs offered by Intelisys allows us to be nimble and responsive to the changing needs of our customers, the channel and our industry. This sets Intelisys apart from other master agents and adds to the value we see in our own business.”

Lucas SalvageVice President, Business Development - On Call Telecom International

“I just wanted to let you know … how much help the Intelisys SWAT team has been. I have never seen support as solid as that from Intelisys. I have worked in all areas of telecom, with suppliers, resellers, agents, etc., and Intelisys has the best support I have seen. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship and continuing to do business with Intelisys.”

Rich LelloDirector of Sales - Spectrum CMI

“Intelisys treats my business as though they are on my board of directors, and as though they have a vested interest in what I do. They are always thinking ‘How can we help Tom grow?’ I couldn’t operate my business without the relationships, services and advice Intelisys gives me.”

Tom McKeownOwner - BroadReach Communications

“The Intelisys Complex Bids team has helped me to manage the many provisioning schedules and carrier contacts that it takes to sell a large account. The support has allowed me to focus on building relationships with the customer, so I can bring in additional business.”

James ManningExecutive VP - Manning Consulting Group

“The Complex Bids team has been extremely helpful in the difficult task of finding the right solutions for my large customers. I know that I can call them for assistance and that they will get things done.”

Dale StewartCommunication Solutions Group

“The challenge of doing a good job for a large account, is that you are doing the job of six sales people. The Intelisys Complex Bids team takes a huge load off of my plate in the amount of effort and work that I have to do. The people and support are fantastic.”

Mike OliverFounder & President - SOLUS Network Solutions

“Responsive, intelligent and aggressive: key characteristics required for large opportunities. Thank you, Mike McKenney.”

Aaron LoehrFounder & CEO - Bandwidth Advisors, Inc.

“The Intelisys Complex Bids program has been a great asset to our organization. When working with large clients, they allowed us to provide all the components necessary to win the big deals. Mike McKenney has been exceptional with his product knowledge, multiple carrier solutions, follow-up and proactive approach to our business needs.”

Rick MeumannPresident - ADVATEL

“The Intelisys Complex Bids program has been instrumental in the success we have achieved throughout the year in closing large accounts. The responsiveness and attention to details throughout the sales cycle, and the aggressiveness in pulling in resources, has been a major contributing factor in the success we have had working with our largest clients. They are an integral part of our business, and we look forward to a huge year.”

Joel St. GermainFounder & CEO - Global Communications Group