“Boston was a great event; well worth the investment of time and cost to travel. The overriding theme of fiber as a prime time play was emphasized, and we as an agency at Hoplite are laser focused on proposing fiber anywhere it’s available. We connected with the new vendors for UCaSS and other cloud applications.”

John MesogitisPrincipal - Hoplite Solutions

“It was an event I will never forget. Thank you for your riveting presentations. I learned so much, and will take this experience with me wherever I go.”

Scotty ChadwickVoice & Data Customer Service - Grudi Associates

“This was a great event, I did get to meet a few possible suppliers, around cloud. I understand the sales and engineering resources that can help work and identified candidate for cloud to help further qualify, and close. I started to work real plans with many of my ‘traditional’ IT vendors whose clients are paying someone else commissions for access. I have one that I am working closely with and telemarketing his base to make us both some residual income.”

David HirschSales Manager - Network Voice And Data Communications, Inc.

“I commented shortly after the event to my associates here at ROI that this was most likely the most relevant and well produced gathering I have had the chance to attend in the past twenty years in the industry (honestly can’t remember much of anything prior to that) The enthusiasm is contagious – and the support greatly appreciated. Keep it coming!”

Joe BowersDirector of Sales - ROI Communications

“Coming back to the office fresh off of the Mindshare, I opened up a discussion with a large medical facility for cloud opportunities and an opportunity for backup internet. The ‘team approach’ you discussed at the Mindshare is a huge differentiator for us going forward. Thank you.”

David FoxwellBusiness Account Relationship Manager - GRUDI Associates