Telecom Sales Agents: Do you have “Unfinished Business”?

telecom agents finish

An old proverb says, “Every end is a new beginning.”  As 2011 draws to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the last 12 months and take care of any “unfinished business” you may have so you can enter 2012 with a clean slate and renewed energy.

What is unfinished business? It’s anything, business or personal, that nags at you or gets put on your “should do” list. On the business side, it could be that meeting with your accountant or those updates to your website. On the personal side, perhaps you still need to write those thank you cards or call your old college roommate.

Whatever it is, unfinished business slows us down and makes us less productive because it clutters our minds and can often produce worry, guilt or both. By taking care of these things by the end of the year, you will begin 2012 with a clear conscience and increased confidence, since accomplishing even the smallest of tasks is a great boost for the ego.

As a matter of unfinished business for Intelisys, we want to express to you yet again how much we appreciate you and your hard work. We are honored to serve you, and look forward to an amazing 2012 in partnership with you.

We wish you and your families a very Happy Holidays! 

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