Channel Partners Conference & Expo – Las Vegas

Will we see you in Las Vegas for the Channel Partners Conference and Expo? We certainly hope so!
It’s that time of year once again! Time to start thinking about and planning for the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. As we finalize our preparations for this amazing event, we’ve put together a brief 4-question survey to help us meet the needs of you, our Sales Partners.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey by clicking on the link below. Your answers will help us make our events the best possible! We hope you will be joining us for our Business Fair as well as our annual Intelisys Celebration at Drai’s!

If there is anything else we can do to help you plan for the show, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to seeing you all there!

By taking a few minutes to fill out this survey, we’ll know best how to attend to your needs at the tradeshow and in 2012, so that we can help you MAKE MORE MONEY and get more clients.  Please invest a few minutes to fill out the survey…


A Quality Network Will Make Cloud Strategies Rain Success

 The Cloud is spreading across all industries at a torrid pace; offering cost-cutting abilities and the flexibility needed to help companies of all shapes and sizes enhance their businesses. According to analyst firm IDC, cloud spending will top the $36 billion mark in 2012 at a growth rate that is four times the overall IT industry average. As cloud adoption continues to proliferate, it has become clear that there is no “one-size-fits-all” model to deliver the dynamic applications that businesses crave. 

Ultimately, even the most ambitious and innovative cloud strategies rely on one simple element to ensure success – the corporate network. A company’s network is its connection to the cloud. Rigid business networks can’t conform to the ever-changing needs of cloud computing and cloud-based applications. A cloud-optimized network, however, is flexible and agile to compliment a company’s cloud strategy.

The ideal network is QoS-enabled, reducing or eliminating jitter and latency for high-demand business applications. Visibility and control are also important characteristics, allowing administrators the ability to easily increase bandwidth and services in real-time, while constantly analyzing network performance and issues. A cloud-enabled network gives companies the flexibility to configure their cloud strategies in a way that best meets their business needs, letting those businesses pursue the primary cloud models used today, including: 

Public Cloud
The “public” cloud is familiar to most businesses, where applications, information and computing power are accessed via the Internet. It utilizes third-party resources deployed in a multi-tenant environment to provide access to services on-demand. 

Application service providers use public clouds to deliver applications through cost-effective pricing, including subscription-based or pay-as-you go models. The primary concerns of the public cloud, though, are security, latency, jitter and other performance issues.

Private Cloud
“Private” cloud solutions have been deployed by many enterprises to manage storage and computing requirements. With a private cloud, businesses purchase, configure and maintain physical servers. To avoid significant capital expenses, some companies rent collocated space to share the expense of power and cooling, while still utilizing their own equipment. 

While very secure and customized, the disadvantages of a private cloud strategy include high infrastructure, maintenance and utility costs, as well as real estate and staffing expenses.

Virtual Private Cloud
A “virtual private” cloud can connect businesses to a public cloud provider through a secure, QoS-enabled network that is inaccessible to outside parties. This strategy eliminates most concerns associated with a public cloud approach while maintaining enhanced flexibility.

With a virtual private cloud, all endpoints, including the data center, reside within a single enterprise with access granted only to IT personnel. This approach provides multi-tenet capabilities with security and agility.

Hybrid Cloud
The latest trend among forward-thinking organizations is the exploration of “hybrid” cloud strategies. This approach incorporates public, private and virtual private cloud options to correspond with a variety of needs and business applications.

It is an attractive model for many companies because a hybrid strategy provides the company with the flexibility to match specific security and performance requirements with the corresponding benefits of a particular cloud option. 

MASERGY helps companies address their cloud strategies by providing a seamless global network infrastructure with guaranteed application performance.  MASERGY believes that a customized, QoS-enabled global network coupled with embedded network monitoring and Internet management, efficient engineering and proactive customer support can produce the results that businesses seek from the cloud and cloud-based applications.

As companies continue to define and refine their cloud strategies, the quality and agility of their networks will determine if those projects ultimately succeed. So don’t get caught off guard. Ensure that your network can make your cloud strategies rain profits.

The following was written by Tim Naramore, Chief Technology Officer, MASERGY.


Intelisys Club TPC – Frequently Asked Questions

Club TPC is just one of the dozens of benefits that telecom agents take advantage of when they work with the Intelisys family.  Running a small business is hard.  Running a super-achieving small business is even harder.

So at Intelisys, we believe in rewarding our over-achieving sales partners in the belief that it helps to motivate them to achieve more.

 At the same time, it’s our way of saying, "Congratulations" and "Thank You".

Some aspects of the program can be confusing to some however.  We’ve answered three of the most common misconceptions about the TPC Program below:

Questions #1: Where are you getting Sales Partner Revenue numbers from?  The numbers I’m getting in my email don’t match my actual numbers.

Answer:  We use the AVERAGE of sales partner revenue numbers over a three month period to generate an MBR, not single month revenues.  If you billed $100k in month 1, $200k in month 2, and $300k in month 3, your Monthly Billing Revenue (MBR) would be (100+200+300)/3=$200k

Question #2:  What is the difference between the Club TPC TRIP and the Club TPC BENEFITS.

Answer:  Club TPC MEMBERSHIP gets you assistance with hotel and airfare to Channel Connect and free access to the Intelisys mentorship resources.

The level of your Channel Connect hotel and airfare assistance is dependent on your TPC membership level.  The free mentorship means that Club TPC members get to leverage the knowledge of hundreds of years of experience in the channel and in business, through personal mentoring by some of the best minds in the industry in seven different business categories.  In addition, they get added support services on top of what non-club TPC members receive.

The Club TPC TRIP is open to all sales partners, including non-Club TPC members.  Those who qualify for the Club TPC TRIP get airfare, hotel and other expenses paid for, at an exotic vacation destination in pre-determined places throughout the world.

Question #3:  Do all Club TPC Members Qualify for the Travel Assistance to Channel Connect?

All Silver, Gold and Platinum member qualify automatically.   Bronze

members must continuously increase their MBR each year, to the measure of 10% per year.

So if the bronze member’s MBR in 2011 was $100k, to qualify for the Channel Connect airfare assistance, the minimum 3 month MBR for 2012 will be $110K ($100k x 110%).

If you have any questions about Club TPC, don’t hesitate to call

800.615.8330 for more information.





Beaches and Sunshine and Mai Tais…Oh My! Club TPC Trip to Maui



Aloha from beautiful Maui Hawaii! We have been here this last week celebrating our third annual Club TPC trip with our winners and their guests. We are having a wonderful time exploring the island, spending quality time with our Partners, and honoring their impressive achievements. 

Here are some interesting facts about this trip:
•    There were 31 winners this year, up from 17 last year (that’s nearly double!!)
•    A total of 89 attended, which is our largest attendance to date!
•    Took place at the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui Jan 29-Feb 1

We’ve added several photos to our Facebook page and invite those of you who attended to tag yourselves and add your own to the collection. We’d love to see all your great shots!

For those who did not qualify in 2011, set the goal now to join Club TPC in Cabo San Lucas to celebrate an amazing 2012.