Don’t Just Get Support, Get Support on STEROIDS!

Did you know that Intelisys employs more than 40 full-time support personnel? It’s one of the things that makes us the leader in our space and and allows us to truly offer a second-to-none experience for Top Producers.

But what does “more support” really mean for YOU? It sure sounds great, but how will tapping into our network will actually change your life and your business? Here’s how:

  • Top producers like you get ALL the support they need. Training, quoting, sales cycle, and more. That way, you can stay focused on selling, enabling you to sell more.
  • Less stress – Wouldn’t it be nice to outsource some of your headaches and hassles sometimes? That’s exactly what you do when you partner with Intelisys.
  • Lowered costs – With our team of support staff just a phone call or email away, you may not need internal personnel to handle tasks like quoting or negotiating with carriers.
  • Less red tape – Intelisys has a stellar reputation and position with more that 44 carriers across the country, enabling you and your customers to always get the best rates and customer service available.
  • More efficiency – Because of our support structure, Intelisys partners can sell more, do more, accomplish more, and make more money.
  • More freedom – Finally, you can work ON your business rather than just IN your business, and that translates into even more growth.

Need a Loan to Grow? Forget the Bank…Let’s Talk

One of the best yet lesser known benefits of working for Intelisys is our Partner Investment Program.  The concept is simple – we want you, our partners, to be successful, and have developed this program for precisely that reason. Eliminating the red tape and hassle you would experience going through a traditional bank, Intelisys grants loans to qualifying partners to help fund their growth.

Want to expand your team but need more cash to do so? Want to implement a strategic marketing plan? Have other ideas for growing your business?  Let’s talk.

Our application is painless. Each situation is evaluated on an individual basis, based on your history with us.

Talk to Intelisys for more info.