Intelisys Launches Mobile App

Intelisys Launches Mobile App 

New App Provides Fast Access to Business-Building Tools from any Mobile-Enabled Device

Petaluma, CA (April 23, 2015) – Intelisys Communications, Inc., the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor today announced the launch of the Intelisys App – a mobile app designed specifically for Channel Sales Partners and Supplier Partners, giving users faster access to their MyIntelisys dashboard, as well as quick access to their supplier information, commission data, key contacts, resources, tools, news, updates and more.“MyIntelisys is now faster and more functional than ever before when used from a mobile device or tablet,” said Intelisys co-owner Dana Topping. “Enabling our Sales Partners to grow their businesses is always at the forefront of our minds. The faster they can access the resources, information and people they need while on the go, the faster they can make key business decisions that affect their bottom line. Putting the functionality of MyIntelisys into their hands via a mobile app is one more way we can help them reach and exceed their goals.

The Intelisys App brings dashboard functionality to mobile devices and tablets in a faster, simple-to-navigate format, making sure that quick and easy access to all key information, metrics, supplier information, contacts, and business-building tools is available any time and from any device.

“Our Sales Partners demand expediency, and their customers expect the same,” said Mike McKenney. “The Intelisys App is a great example of our commitment to the ongoing development of new programs, systems and technologies to support our Sales Partners’ businesses.

The Intelisys App is free through the Apple Store and Google Play.


Intelisys App at a Glance: Mobile Access: Faster and easier to navigate than the website version, the Intelisys App brings the complete functionality of to Sales Partners and Supplier Partners, no matter where they are.

News Wall: Scrolling visual database of the recent announcements, news, programs and information from Intelisys.

Supplier Database: Critical information about all of Intelisys’ Supplier Partners, including key contact information, how to get a quote, how to submit orders, relevant SPIFFs, available products, and more.

Intelisys Contacts: Phone and email contact info for senior leadership team, channel managers, partner support reps, sales operations contacts, Cloud support specialists, and more.

Asset List: Access to some of Intelisys’ most important resources, including marketing tools, Sales Partner program details, video trainings and more.

 Intelisys Mobile App

Intelisys Launches $1 Million Prize: Drive for 5!

Promises $1M to first Sales Partner who achieves $5M in net monthly billings

Petaluma, CA (April 2, 2015) – Intelisys Communications, Inc., the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor and the only one focused exclusively on supporting the Channel’s top producing partners, has officially launched Drive for 5!, an incentive competition designed to award one Intelisys Sales Partner $1 million for being the first to achieve $5 million in monthly net customer billings.

"This program will be transformative," said Intelisys President Jay Bradley. "Drive for 5! is all about a shift in perception. It will be representative of what this industry can accomplish. The growth opportunity is enormous. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Sales Partners will go after it, and all will have dramatically stronger businesses as a result of their participation in this contest."

More than a spiff or a prize grab, Drive for 5! speaks to the stratospheric growth within the Channel, and the immeasurable opportunities that growth provides. More powerful, however, is the value of the recurring revenue (MRR) model. In achieving $5 million in MRR, an Intelisys Sales Partner is looking at bringing in approximately $700,000 per month, or $8.4 million per year, in commission income. What’s more, thanks to the MRR model and contracts, that $8.4 million will typically repeat for three to six years, with no extra sales effort on behalf of the Sales Partner. How much in hardware sales would a VAR need to achieve to lock in $25.2 million income over three years? Roughly $279.9 million ($93.3 million each year for three years) in sales, calculated on an average pure hardware margin of nine percent.

"Traditional hardware manufacturers are trying to control margins more than ever before," stated Jason Kraft, Director of Sales at FusionStorm. "Eroding margins make looking at Cloud, and other industries that offer recurring revenue, very enticing. This is an incentive that everyone should take a hard look at, to figure out what pivots they need to make in their business to embrace not only the $5 million challenge, but Cloud opportunities as a whole. With all the Cloud options Intelisys now offers, the race to $5 million is wide open."

"Drive for Five! has the potential to make a huge impact on any VAR looking to transition from top line transactional sales to a recurring revenue model," said Timothy Kennedy, VP Carrier Services at Carousel Industries. "The numbers are powerful, there is no question. This rich payment is a testament to the way Intelisys supports its Partners."

Disbelief was voiced in 2008 when Intelisys challenged its Sales Partners to reach $1 million in monthly net billings for a Trip for Two to Anywhere in the World. Financial models conducted by Intelisys predicted it could happen in four to five years. Incredibly, it took less than three. In March 2011, NetSource Group became Intelisys’ first Platinum Partner, with monthly net billings of $1 million. Global Communications Group joined them in August 2012, followed by LanYap Networks (April 2014), Subsidium Technologies (June 2014), D&M Enterprise Group (December 2014), and LinkSource Technologies (March 2015).

"Intelisys believes in the incredible capacity, drive and determination of its Top Producing Sales Partners," said company President Jay Bradley. "The opportunity in the marketplace for top Channel Sales Partners is astounding. Reaching new heights and achieving unprecedented results requires a new way of thinking big. Drive for 5! embodies the spirit of Intelisys and its Sales Partners, who together believe anything is possible."

The bar has been raised. The new challenge is $5 million in monthly net billings, and the $1 million prize is up for grabs. Drive for 5! officially launched April 1, 2015, and will run until the first Intelisys Sales Partner achieves the record-breaking feat of $5 million in monthly recurring revenue.


Intelisys Named Top MegaPath Channel Partner, Receives Pinnacle Award


Intelisys gratefully accepts top honors on behalf of its Sales Partners, among MegaPath’s Sixth Annual Channel Partner Awards Winners

Petaluma, CA (March 27, 2015) – Intelisys Communications Inc., the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor, was honored to receive the Pinnacle Award for Top Channel Partner from MegaPath for its success in selling MegaPath’s voice, data, security and hosted IT services in 2014.

“This award belongs to our Sales Partners,” said Mike McKenney, VP, Partner Sales & Business Development, for Intelisys. “We share this honor with them, and thank them for their incredible drive, hard work and commitment – to Intelisys, to MegaPath, and to finding the best solutions for their customers’ needs.”

MegaPath’s annual awards highlight the growth and success of its channel partners in selling the company’s services to businesses of all sizes across the United States. Intelisys makes no direct sales, instead selling through its 1700 Sales Partners, exclusively. 

“MegaPath’s partners are critical to our success and we are proud to acknowledge our top performers for their outstanding achievements,” said Kurt Hoffman, President and Chief Executive, Cloud Services, MegaPath. “The 2014 winners represent the best in the industry, and we are honored that they entrust MegaPath to serve the business needs of their clientele. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Intelisys this year.”



LinkSource Technologies Sets Record with Fastest Climb to Platinum Status


Surpasses $1M in monthly recurring revenue through Intelisys inside two years

Intelisys, the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor, announced LinkSource Technologies as its sixth Sales Partner to surpass the milestone of achieving $1,000,000 in recurring monthly billings. LinkSource has the added distinction of reaching this remarkable achievement in under two years – faster than any other Sales Partner yet. To commemorate the accomplishment, Intelisys President Jay Bradley presented LinkSource Technologies with a “Trip for Two to Anywhere in the World”, all expenses paid. 

On March 3, 2015, which will forever be known to Intelisys as “LinkSource Day”, LinkSource Technologies President and CEO Curt Lewis accepted the award on behalf of co-owner and Chief Sales Officer Jason Newbold and the rest of the LinkSource senior leadership team, in front of more than 50 Intelisys team colleagues.

“It is both an honor and a privilege to be here today,” said Mike McKenney, Vice President, Partner Sales & Business Development, for Intelisys. “Many of us here at Intelisys have known Curt for more than 20 years. To forge this relationship and to bring LinkSource Technologies on as a Partner was a significant milestone; and to witness this success feels like we have come full circle. LinkSource has a unique and powerful approach to business and service that is impressive to witness. We are thrilled to invite them to the Intelisys Platinum family.”

An Intelisys partner since 2013, LinkSource Technologies was founded by Curt Lewis in 1998. LinkSource provides lifecycle management and strategy development of policies and procedures for telecom and cloud environments. “We recognize that the ability to be agile to our customer’s needs is the key to delivering success,” said Curt Lewis. “We’re in the business of saving companies time and money. After hundreds of engagements, execution is our differentiator. We do what we say we will do.” 

LinkSource is dedicated to embracing and delivering superior service solutions for its customers to provide unparalleled support and ROI, which has been integral to its stratospheric growth as an Intelisys Partner.

“The culture of Intelisys is perfectly in sync with the culture of LinkSource,” commented Jason Newbold. “We see so many important similarities. The level of commitment we show our customers cannot be stressed enough, and that is the level of commitment we’ve been shown by Intelisys. That level of service is unparalleled, and it allows us to be the best of the best for our own customers. We know there is much more to come.”

Intelisys Announces $1 Million Prize: Drive for 5!

Intelisys Finds Channel Growth Inspiring, Issues New Challenge to Sales Partners 

Intelisys, the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor and the only one focused exclusively on supporting the Channel’s top producing Partners, has today announced an ambitious new promotion for its Sales Partner Community: Drive for 5!

Drive for 5!, which will officially launch April 1, 2015, has been designed to award one Intelisys Sales Partner $1 million for being the first to achieve $5 million in monthly net customer billings. 

“We take great pride in supporting the most accomplished Sales Partner community ever assembled in the Channel,” said Intelisys co-founder Rick Dellar. “Intelisys is the home where top performers come to excel. It’s the place where we know, without question, that $5 million in monthly recurring revenue is an achievable goal. Drive for 5! is one more example of our continued commitment to investing back into our Sales Partners to help them grow their businesses and achieve their goals.”

In 2008 Intelisys issued a challenge to its Partner Community to be the first to achieve $1 million in monthly net billings. In 2011 NetSource Group was the first Intelisys Sales Partner to hit the target, and was awarded a trip for two anywhere in the world. Since that time, five more Intelisys Sales Partners have hit $1 million mark, proving to Intelisys and its Partners that the opportunity for growth in the Channel is much bigger than anyone believed.

“Our mission has always been to provide unrivaled support to the industry’s top producers, said Jay Bradley, President of Intelisys. “And from day one, it has been core to our DNA to take notice and celebrate the successes of those top producing Sales Partners who manage to stand out from the others, break through barriers, and achieve what others say cannot be done. Today we put forth this challenge, pledging our allegiance to back every Sales Partner ready to strive for this goal; and we look forward to celebrating with them when one takes home $1 million."

As with any new Intelisys initiative, Drive for 5! was inspired by the tenacity and drive of the Sales Partner community that aligns with Intelisys to succeed and meet exceedingly audacious goals. The challenge has been issued, and the entire Intelisys team looks forward to celebrating, with our Sales Partners, the reaching of this new historic milestone that will redefine what’s possible in this quickly converging Channel. 

Full details on the program will be released on the official Drive for 5! launch date of April 1, 2015. 

To read Jay Bradley’s blog on Drive for 5!, click here

Intelisys Hires Chad Arnold to Meet the Growing Demand of the Channel’s Top Sales Partners

Arnold Becomes the New Director of Partner Sales for the Northwest/Mountain Regions

chad arnold

Intelisys today announced it hired Chad Arnold as Director of Partner Sales Northwest/Mountain Regions. Arnold, previously the National Channel Sales Manager at Level 3 Communications, will report directly to Mike McKenney, VP Partner Sales & Business Development.

In his new role, Arnold will manage Sales Partners in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, and will indirectly manage Sales Partners in the Mountain region including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. He will spend his time building relationships with and recruiting new telecom agents, VARs, MSPs and IT Solution Providers. Arnold will also support existing Sales Partners in the region to help them grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

“Intelisys Sales Partners are the highest performing, most demanding in the industry, so we take the hiring of our Channel Leaders very seriously,” said McKenney. “I’ve admired Chad’s work ethic, integrity, and his relentless pursuit of excellence for many years. He’s built from the same DNA as Intelisys, so he was a natural fit for this position. This is a huge win for our Sales Partners and I’m thrilled to welcome Chad to the Intelisys family.”

Based in Seattle, Arnold draws on more than 10 years of telecommunications and Channel sales experience. He’s held sales and leadership positions at Eschelon Telecom, tw telecom, and more recently, Level 3 Communications. Shortly after taking on his role at tw telecom (now Level 3 Communications), Arnold developed Intelisys into the #1 sales producing partner for the company.

“I have experienced first hand what sets Intelisys apart from the others,” said Arnold. “One clear differentiator is the unrivaled investment Intelisys makes in its Supplier Partner relationships. Their Supplier Partners then reciprocate this investment ten-fold to the Intelisys Sales Partners with their best support, training and marketing resources… resources that others partners don’t have access to. When you combine Intelisys’ Supplier Relationships with their thought-leadership, experience and history of unrivaled Sales Partner support, I’ve learned there is no better place for top performers to quickly and safely grow their businesses. That’s why I can’t wait to contribute to this community and help the industry’s top producers reach their goals."

Arnold’s hiring is another example of the rapid convergence transforming the telecom and IT channels. As Cloud services continue to disrupt the landscape, the technology services distribution model continues to grow and become more critical for solution providers looking to scale and thrive during the shift. 

“Chad has excelled as a problem solver, a business partner, and an invaluable extension of my team for many years,” said Tricia Ward, President of NetSource Group. “He is, hands down, one of the most dependable channel managers in the industry and I can’t wait to work with him in an even larger capacity now that he’s with Intelisys.”

Intelisys Cloud Services University Launches Cloud Sales Certification Program


Intelisys Cloud Services University Launches Cloud Sales Certification Program

 The Only Cloud Certification Program Built Exclusively for Channel Sales Professionals

 Petaluma, CA (February 18, 2015) – Intelisys Communications, Inc., the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor, today announced the launch of their new Intelisys Cloud Services University website that offers Telecom Agents, IT Solution Providers, MSPs and VARs multiple certification tracks and Cloud sales training. The certification program is complimentary for a limited time and attendees will have no obligation to become an Intelisys Sales Partner. These exciting programs are just one of the differentiators Intelisys has continued to offer.

Intelisys Cloud Services University is the only online education center built exclusively for Channel sales professionals. The new University is significant for everyone in the Channel, because in 2014, 89% of Intelisys Sales Partner Cloud wins came from those who participated in the Intelisys Cloud Services University. The evidence is clear: Cloud education leads to more sales.

Intelisys is partnering with over 40 experts from the nation’s leading Cloud Suppliers to offer certifications for 6 tracks:

  •  Telecom Solutions Professional
  •  Advanced Data Networking Solutions Professional
  •  UCaaS Solutions Professional
  •  Network and Data Security Professional
  •  Cloud Computing Solutions Professional
  •  Advanced IT Management Professional

The Telecom Sales Professional Certification is now live, and will be followed by the Cloud Computing Sales Professional Certification launching March 16, 2015.

“The epic shift to the Cloud is growing exponentially, and as more professionals enter the arena, it’s becoming more challenging for end users to differentiate the good Sales Partners from the great ones,” said Intelisys’ President Jay Bradley. “These certification tracks allow those Sales Partners who put in the time to learn best practices to truly stand out from their competition and subsequently sell more Cloud services.”

Intelisys Cloud Services University is headed by Andrew Pryfogle, Senior Vice President of Cloud Transformation at Intelisys. Pryfogle is an early pioneer in Cloud technology adoption and a thought-leader in the industry. 

“Intelisys Cloud Services University 2014 was a huge success, and we recognized the demand to expand it,” said Pryfogle.  “This certification program will empower everyone in the Channel committed to learning best practices to benefit. We’re in a window now where we’re not charging for the certifications because we know that a win for one company in the Channel, is really a win for everyone…rising tides raise all ships.”

Intelisys is Recognized as a 2014 Top Performer By CenturyLink Channel Alliance, CenturyLink’s Indirect Sales Channel Program

Intelisys is Recognized as a 2014 Top Performer by CenturyLink Channel Alliance, CenturyLink’s Indirect Sales Channel Program 

Intelisys 1 



Technology Services Distributor Wins 4 Awards at AllianceEXPO


Petaluma, CA (February 10, 2015) – Intelisys Communications Inc. was honored by CenturyLink Channel Alliance as a 2014 top performing indirect sales channel member at AllianceEXPO, CenturyLink’s annual channel ecosystem summit, held Jan. 13-15 in Denver.

Intelisys won 4 awards, including Top Large Deal Partner, Highest Sales Attainment, Highest Revenue Growth Partner and Top Non-Channel Integrated (NCI) Seller among members of the Alliance’s Premier Elite tier, which is the program’s highest membership level for companies that generate $2.5 million or more in monthly billed revenue from CenturyLink’s services. Non-Channel Integrated sales are deals the member closed independently without working with a CenturyLink sales professional.   

“We are humbled and grateful to win these four prestigious CenturyLink awards,” said Carol Beering, Senior Vice President, Sales Operations at Intelisys.  “The real credit goes to our Sales Partners who are growing at unbelievable rates and consistently raising the bar for everyone in the Channel. Our Sales Partners continue to confidently sell CenturyLink solutions because of the integrity of the organization and the high quality of their products and services.”

The annual CenturyLink Channel Alliance member awards recognize excellence in sales, customer service and technology expertise demonstrated by integrating and selling communications and IT services including voice, data networking, hosting, cloud services and managed services.

“We congratulate and thank Intelisys for its outstanding sales performance and customer dedication in 2014,” said Blake Wetzel, vice president of CenturyLink Channel Alliance. “With CenturyLink’s solutions portfolio, the Channel Alliance members winning our 2014 performance awards are exceeding our expectations and evolving their capabilities to fit how enterprises purchase and consume IT services today.” 


Intelisys Adds Stacey Pompei to Executive Management Team as VP of Supplier Management and General Counsel

  Pompei Joins Fast Growing Technology Services Distributor After 14-Year Partnership  

Intelisys has added Stacey Pompei to its executive management team as Vice President of Supplier Management and General Counsel.

Ms. Pompei joins Intelisys from a private legal practice and will report directly to Carol Beering, Senior Vice President of Sales Operations.  

Pompei is a corporate attorney and has provided legal and business consulting services to start-up and established companies in the finance, internet, software and telecommunication industries for more than 20 years. She has worked with Intelisys and other businesses in the Channel for the past 14 years.  

“After serving as a business partner to Intelisys for many years, I am delighted to join the team full-time to support our Sales Partners in all aspects of their business growth,” Pompei said. “Intelisys has built a solid reputation with its Sales Partners and Supplier Partners as a successful and trusted company and I can’t wait to help the entire company continue growing at unprecedented rates.”

Pompei likes to think of herself as an attorney with the mindset of a business person. Her specialties include contract review, drafting and negotiation; corporate books and record keeping; trademark applications; litigation management.

Stacey was the natural choice to fill this new role at Intelisys because she understands our business and has played a role in our success for many years,” said Carol Beering, Senior Vice President, Sales Operations. “Her legal and business expertise will be a huge benefit to our Sales Partners and help our community raise the standard of how business telecommunications services are bought and sold in the Channel.”

 “Stacey has been an integral part in helping Intelisys approach the $100M milestone, whether through providing legal and business services, strengthening relationships with our Supplier Partners and Sales Partners, or by being a key sounding board for our management team over the years,” said Intelisys Co-Founder Rick Dellar. “Stacey will have an immediate impact and I couldn’t be more excited to have her on board. This is a huge win for our Sales Partner community.”

 Pompei has a BA from University of California, Davis and a JD from Santa Clara University, School of Law. She is a member of the California Bar Association.

Mark Phaneuf Joins Intelisys Team – Supporting New England Region


Intelisys today announed the hiring of Mark Phaneuf as Senior Manager, Strategic Partner Development, for the New England Region.  Phaneuf will report to Justin Marano, Director of Partner Sales in the Northeastern Region.

Phaneuf will serve Intelisys Sales Partners in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine by providing them with comprehensive business support.  In addition, Phaneuf will develop and execute recruitment initiatives to help grow Intelisys’ community of top producing Sales Partners.

“Our Sales Partners are a high-achieving community composed of passionate, committed professionals that thrive when supported with white-glove service,” said Rick Ribas, VP of Partner Sales & Development for Intelisys.  

“Mark’s leadership, track record of success, and his depth and breadth of industry experience are unparalleled. He’s an energizing veteran in the industry that will truly help our New England Sales Partners stand out in the ‘Sea of Sameness’,” Ribas continued.

Phaneuf comes to Intelisys from XO Communications, where he quickly progressed from Channel Manager to Partner Sales Manager. 

“I am so humbled to join this accomplished Intelisys team and support this region of Sales Partners that are trailblazing the quickly converging Channels,” Phaneuf said.  

“Supporting such a talented group of Sales Partners is an honor and a privilege and I’m extremely excited to support them in breaking through to new levels of success,” Phaneuf added.

Because the need for innovative telecom and IT solutions in the New England region is exploding, Intelisys is experiencing a surge of interest from telecom agents and VARs in the area.  This growth has prompted the demand for a talented new senior manager like Phaneuf.

“The New England Region is growing at an unprecedented rate,” Marano said. “I have admired Mark for years and couldn’t be more thrilled to work with him as he inspires our Sales Partner community to continue exceeding their most aggressive goals”.