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Advanced Commissions Program  

Intelisys Announces New Advanced Commissions Program, Allowing Sales Partners to Receive Commissions in as Few as Fifteen Days

The Channel’s first program to offer new and existing Intelisys Sales Partners opportunities to secure commissions flow shortly after the sale.

Introducing Advanced Commissions Program

Another first of its kind program from Intelisys, the Advanced Commissions Program was the logical next innovation stemming from the great success of our Partner Investment Program launched by Intelisys in 2010.

The program is a channel first that directly attacks the age-old challenge of bridging the cash flow gap between when a new agent launches their agency and when commissions start to flow. The program offers all qualified Intelisys Sales Partners the opportunity to secure commissions in a fraction of the time it typically takes.

How Does it Work?

The program offers a very quick application process and provides agents with funds 4-6 months faster than the industry standard commission delivery process.
Summary of the Advanced Commissions Program:
  • The advanced monthly commissions are secured by future commissions.
  • Intelisys will advance monthly residual commissions from the time orders are accepted by Suppliers into service delivery. 
The Advanced Commissions Program further reinforces our desire to ensure our Sales Partners’ success by leveraging our strengths. We believe the investment Intelisys makes in our partners’ businesses is one of the best bets going in today’s economy.

The Advanced Commissions Program is another Intelisys exclusive program focused on the success of our Sales Partners. It is an indication of our commitment to our Sales Partner community coupled with the confidence we have in them. 

Want to Learn More?

Talk to Intelisys

For more information, contact Rick Ribas at 203-568-1860 in the Northeast region or for all other regions; contact Mike McKenney at 916-580-1656.
Aaron Loehr
“Being in business for myself means I have the ability to chase my own dreams and address challenges the way I see fit. What I like about Intelisys is that they help me do that."
Aaron Loehr,
Bandwidth Advisors, Inc.
Intelisys Sales Partner Since 2004
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